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vomit truck

Q) Who are you, introduce yourself?
A) Vomit AQ, ZEE

Q) Where is AQK from? How did it all get started?
A) AQ originated in Las Vegas. Heroz started it in 1995, I got in in
1996 and we crushed vegas bein only a few deep. Task force raided
houses and heroz and i got hit with 1.3 million in damage. We slowly
started movin away from L.V. after this.

Q) Vegas? I heard Vegas is a crazy town. You got any crazy stories?
A) Shit. My whole life growin up. From robbin banks and drivin sickass
lowriders to paintin 24hr traffic streets and hangin over 14 story
casino rooftops paintin fillins. All vegas girls are sluts and fake I.D.s are hella easy to get.

Q) What cities can AQK be seen?
A) Mainly the SF bay area now, but warrants and police keep most of us
nomadic. Oregon, Nevada, California, New Mexico, and a couple other
random safehouses in some other states.

Q) What is the main crew focus or common goal?
A) To paint, party, hustle, live life bein a tight family.

Q) A couple of years ago I took a trip to the SF, and I saw you guys up
A) SF is fuckin fun to paint. Tho its not like it used to be. theyre
really crackin down on graff there. FREE KEEP

Q) What are crew members currently working on? Any projects in the works?
A) We just take things as they come.
and to crush the alcatraz tower hahaha.

Q) What direction are you guys headed?
A) Up Never Down

Q) What do you think about Nevada? Why?
A) Nevada Sucks. From the laws to the snitches. Lots of good spots and
an all night scene, but cops love to kick in doors.

Q) Lets hear about Propain Tattoos whats that about?
A) Propain Tattoos is our underground tattoo company we’ve been slowly
workin on the past 5 or 6 years.

Q) Being a resident of the Bay do you ever find yourself ghost riding the whip?
A) If its fun and crazy ive been known for doin it.

Q) Last words?
A) shout out to all the homies in the crew and everybody thats helped
us out by housing, feeding, giving us drugs and alcohol, throwin down