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After seeing the post by Knox, I dug into some archives and found some urban exploring photos!  When searching for graffiti to photograph I end up in some very interesting places.  The pictures below are form Vancouver, Seattle and Colorado.  Enjoy!

Last week was pretty awesome. I travelled down to Virginia with my friends Caroline and Ian, along with a tv production crew to film a sizzle for our new TV show. We’ve been working on the show for over a year now.

The original pitch was called America Underground, we filmed it last year when I was in NYC editing Loosies. We went under New York and explored the Atlantic Avenue Line, checked out the African Burial Grounds on Duane Street, and followed the IronMiners into some of the abandoned iron mines in the upstate area. Then we put together a 3 minute pitch video.

Our manager showed it around for about 6 months and we were rejected by a number of outlets, until finally we were picked up by the production branch of one of America’s big three broadcasters.

Looking forward to telling you guys more about it over the next few months if we get the show.