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Who are you?? and who you repping ??

I write Atomik from Miami, Florida. I represent TSC (Top Skills Cru), 28 (Miami’s police code for vandalism) & B50 (Broward County’s notorious Buk50 Cru).

Whats your favorite Thing to paint ?

Letters. Characters are a pain in the ass. I enjoy painting on steel, concrete, brick, glass, plastic, wood, just about anything that will stay still long enough for me to hit it.

What’s The Crazyiest Shit You’ve Seen ?

Death. For instance, I was painting here in Mexico City yesterday and heard a bang then a dog yelp. I turned around a saw a little pooch laid out in the middle of the road. It’s feet were in the air shaking and blood was leaking out of it’s head. I’ve seen more gruesome death shit but it’s too personal to mention.


I’d have to say any train yard. There’s a feeling you get when painting in a yard, it’s a mixture of feelings because you know things could go great or terribly wrong at any moment.

Any Good Fight Stories over the years ? ? ?

One time I went shopping for paint at Walmart before going on a mission. We were taking our time eating shit because it was around 2am. Out of nowhere our rival crew shows up to get paint as well. There was 3 of us and 4 or 5 of them. We told them let’s go out front and throw down but they were a little tore up and wanted to fight right there. So my dog grabs a gallon of paint and socks one of the dudes right in his face and paint spills everywhere. I punch one kid in the mouth and turn around to keep fighting and get hit in my forehead with a gallon of paint (on the pigs report it said they used a stick but I don’t think so). I saw stars, blacked out and woke up when I hit the floor. I tried to get up and run but kept slipping on paint! Finally I made it on my feet and blood was gushing from my dome, so I ran. Imagine me running through Walfart leaking blood from my head with paint all over myself! Some how we didn’t get arrested, the other crew did. I got taken out of the store on a stretcher (most embarrassing moment of my life) and rushed to the hospital. They stitched me up and I jumped out of the bed and got into my ex-chicks car. A nurse comes running after me saying they need to run more tests. I went back in and went through the crazy brain analyzer test machine. A month later I got the bill, that fucking test costed $4,000. I still haven’t paid it. For the record I received court notices for months, to go and testify against the cats that fucked me up, I never went. So y’all want to say I’m a snitch, suck my dick motherfuckers.

Alcohol or Ganja ? Why ?

I would say Ganja. Alcohol has plagued me and my family for years. A lot of people drink too much then start sniffing, popping and injecting, not a good look homies. But even trees lead to more things such as mushrooms, acid, hash, opium and whipettes. I prefer Indica over Sativa, I get too paranoid off of Sativa.

Hows the future  of Graff Looking ?

Great! More paint, writers, trains, money, traveling and fame. One of the downfalls is digital cameras though, nowadays no one has flick books, they just have photostreams, blogs, misplaces and websites.

Everbody has Chase Stories!!!!! whats a GOOD one ?

I was in Madrid last year painting clean trains. We fucked up in 2 ways, first we tried exiting through the same station we entered and secondly we stayed painting past the hours of operation. So when we entered the station there was only one security, we went down into the tunnel, did our thing and came out. When we were exiting there was four security! We tried inserting our tickets into the turnstile and it denied us because you can’t exit through the same station you entered. Then as we’re standing there like idiots a can rattles from our bag. That was the security guards opportunity to scream at us. We hopped the turnstiles and ran out of the station. One of the guards kicked my little homie in the chest, he threw a can at him and kept going. Another one of my homies dropped his wallet somehow, got surrounded, ran back into the station, broke his arm falling down a flight of stairs, ran through the underground train track tunnel to the next station and got roped. Meanwhile I’m running out of breath through hills, valleys, under bridges, through sewers until we got to a resting point. We’re chilling for 30 minutes and see flashlights coming from the mouth of the sewer we just exited through. So we split up and took off running. I ran with my dog for another 30 minutes through hills and valleys until we couldn’t go anymore. We waited for the sun to come up and walked to a gas station, called a taxi and went to where we were staying. Thankfully everyone was there waiting for us. Even our homie who got bagged (he slick talked his way out of a nasty charge)!


I get hated on a lot in my hometown. Everything I do usually gets toyed within a month. So after years of getting gone over I said fuck it, they can’t get all of my trains. So I started hitting the yard almost daily with my dog Normel. That’s when I got hooked, graffiti started on trains and that’s where it should be for the most part. There’s a certain mystique of seeing trains rolling in the night covered in graffiti. I progressed from standing on the floor, to standing on milk crates, to standing on loading docks and finally bringing out the monster ladder to climb and paint wholecars. I’m addicted to Flickr, I check that site probably 20 times a day to see if my freights have been caught. It’s a rush knowing that you can paint a train in your hometown and it can travel cross-country and be seen by the world via internet! My first wholecar even crossed country lines and entered Mexico, what the fuck?!?


I wanna say thanx to the International Smuggler for hooking up this interview, I appreciate it homie. A big shot out goes to all my homies in Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, Oakland, Newark, Madrid, Pesaro (Italy), Rome, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. All graffiti writers world-wide, keep doing your thing! Rest in power Phil, Nes & Merk. Free Whie & Care!  Check out my site Peace out.