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La Jolla, CA – Hidden behind door after door of ritzy, high-end La Jolla Art Galleries, filled with traditional gallery art, you will find Thumbprint Gallery; a small hidden urban-art gem created by Johnny Tran and Paul Ecdao.

With Tran and Ecdao’s bags recently unpacked and their taxi cab still at the curb, Thumbprint Gallery’s owners recently completed their move from the original North Park location to a new space just steps away from the beautiful La Jolla shores.

“Thumbprint’s move to the high-end, money-loaded, deep-pocket-filled part of San Diego is definitely a brave choice,” says Elizabeth Viveros, 23, a visitor to the new gallery who lives in La Jolla. “The city isn’t accustomed to such an urban, street-style of art.”

Tran, who is known throughout San Diego as a DJ at many local venues, claims music as the gateway that led him to his love for visual art.

“Five years ago, I began incorporating art into my shows,” says Tran. That turn of events prompted him to open the original Thumbprint Gallery in North Park with Ecdao.

With countless successful art shows and receptions under their belt, Tran and Ecdao keep their walls consistently rotating with new eye-catching pieces that excite the mind (dare I say) into a state of art-loving summersaults, leaving one wanting to know what’s next.

What’s even better is that each painting is available for purchase with prices starting from $125 to $1750, making it possible for almost any art lover to afford a piece of their own to take home. The gallery also has available for purchase, prints of original pieces of art no longer on display, as well as numerous styles of T-shirts.

By mainly focusing on local San Diego artists, Thumbprint has become a household name for those in the art scene who appreciate quality urban art at its finest. The new La Jolla location can be compared to the size of an apartment master bedroom but packs the punch of a multimillion dollar house; proving big things do come in small packages.

Visitors can check out the gallery Wed.-Thurs., and Sat.-Sun. between the hours of noon and 4 p.m. Private showings are also available and should be booked by contacting Johnny Tran at 858-354-6294.

Photos/Article: James Freeman