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This new series of canvases I feel brings graffiti to another level, psychedelic spin art combined with elements of graffiti and objects that have meaning to me the artist. Birds, marijuana seeds, blunts half smoked, dime bags, skull heads, shrooms to the light houses they all are things that represent apart of my life at this time.

Tie Detail

New York artist NohJColey has created a fitting tribute to 3 graffiti legends who are no longer with us.  His wheatpastes of artists Tie, Sace, and Iz have been turning up on the city streets.  It is rare that one artist takes the time to acknowledge the contributions of other artists.  Day in the Lyfe asked him a few questions regarding his new work.


DITL – What was it that drew you to these artists, Tie, Sace and Iz, and why did you want to create these tributes?

NohJColey – I felt like Sace, Tie and IZ each shaped the graff moment in their own individual way. Whether it be hangover pieces, humongous paint rollers or back to back fill in’s they brought something to the graff world that separated them from other artist at the time. I created the tributes because I felt like when a person passes away people mourn but its not continuous. I wanted to remind people that these individuals need to be remembered for eternity. 

Sace Lino


Sace on the Streets

DITL - What kind of response have you got from friends of the writers and the public in general?

NohJColey – I have gotten some remarks like “why is a street artist doing portraits of graff artists.” Overall I think everyone likes them and the graff writers that I respect seem to love them. 


DITL – We mentioned other artists that tragically passed like Nace, and Heist, any plans to make more tributes?

NohJColey – Yeah, I’m definitely going to continue this series. The continuation of the Sprayed N Stone series will be called Buff Resistant. I’m not sure when I will begin to work on it but I’m pretty sure it will be mid 2010 sometime. I really want to dig threw pictures the next time around.

Iz the Wiz

DITL – I was talking with Specter today, and coming from a solid graff background, he didn’t feel that there was a difference between the graff lettering and the street art that he produces. Because you share a similair graff background do you share his opinion on the artforms?

NohJColey – I think it’s all based on aesthetics. Some people fell that quantity is better than quality. If you look at Specter’s work in general it’s more about quality versus quantity. 


DITL – In an average day in your lyfe, how much time do you spend focused and creating your art?

NohJColey –  Honestly, twenty-four hours a day. I woke this morning and finally had an answer to a design question I had for weeks.


Tie on Street


Check out more of NohJColey’s artwork on his Flickr.




1. Huh!? What?  my name is AKAE47 who the fuck are u?

2. My favorite surface to paint is freeway walls, the cement sound barriers that are pre-painted.

3. FST stands for family staes true .. fingas skweezn trigas,  five star team, forty sevens troops, first second third, on and on. 

4. If I knew it was gonna be that kinda party I would have brought more roles – more markers and a camera charger.




5. T/F I’ve gotten laid because I write graffiti….Phalse ive gotten laid cause im a fine ass dude with a big dick

6. T/F I’ve gotten arrested because of graffiti…Phalse ive gotten Arrested for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with bags of paint that were never mine…




7. Do you prefer painting in summer heat or winter snow?

shit i like it both minnesota winters are always the best time to shine tho”

8. Do you think graffiti artists should do art shows?


9. Is there a particular way you describe your style of painting?


10. I heard you got footage of daytime fire extinguishers can I see it?

Theres one i did back in march in cinnci thats on flickr but I can’t find the link and theres some stuck on the homie DBOEs cam.. i need to get them off there so bad..






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