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The “Bairro Dos Indios” (”Neighborhood of the Indians”) is a neighborhood in Olhão, a city that is located in Algarve,southern Portugal.

intervention by Sen, Smile, Pariz, Nark, Mistik, What?, Goya and Travis.

see the movie here:

Pariz rooftop-Portugal

Name / Age

I’m Pariz One, I am 25years old, I was born and live in Portugal, and I’m living in Lisbon. I’m an audiovisual professional and a graffiti artist.

Years Painting

I started to do graffiti in 1999, so I have 10years of painting so far.

In 2003 I began to travel in Europe, which attracted me as an artist to an all global and a different view of the European cultural and artistic movement. I have painted in several countries, where the graffiti is really strong, countries such as Germany, Italy, England and Spain. I participate in some events in Europe and organize the Iberian stage of the World Biggest Graffiti Battle aka Write 4 Gold.

What’s it like in Portugal?

Portugal is a sunny country, people are always smiling, graffiti in Lisbon only began to gain some fame in the early 90s, the big crews were FYA, GVS, SKTR, DSA, CIA, but all those crews were specialist in bombing, the first crew to appear in Portugal and the first who make large murals (wall of fame) were the PRM , Nomen, Exas, Youth, Obey, Mosaik, big respect to them, and to Odeith, one of the best writers that we have in Portugal, and that started painting back in the days too.

What’s up with the train painting in Portugal?

The train movement in Portugal keep flowing, is not so easy like 4 or 5 years ago, but in general is not so difficult like other European countries, you still can go to a train station and see some pieces running.

How did you get linked up with TKO crew?

I have my first contact with the TKO crew because of their webpage, they put some of my pieces there, than I start to relate more with some of them, and I discover more about their History.

I was invited to get in, and I’m glad about it, for me they represent a big part of L.A graffiti history, besides that is a crew that really feels the movement, and live the crew like a crews as to be lived, like a FAMILY!

Is the street bombing scene out there legit?

The Street bombing in Portugal is powerful, I think that 90% of our graffiti scene breath the street bombing, you can see graffiti everywhere.

GVS Crew-Portugal

Do you paint in the USA?

I never had painted in USA. It’s one of my plans to next year, I really want to go to N.Y for the history, but most of all I want to go to L.A to be with my crew TKO and paint with guys like Revok, a very good writer and person.

Tell us something we will want to tell our friends about.

My style is characterized by being large, wild and colorful, the true Wild Style. I love the letters and the magical feeling that the letters and the forms can transmit, I try to joint elements of the New York old school, with European new school elements, creating what I call the “New Old School Style.”

Like Sinatra “I did my way” is what I normally say when I finish a piece, the colors, is part of my colorful life, I am a happy person, I have my bad days like everyone, but I just care about my good days, and this is Reflected in the colors of my piece, try to express your self like I do, and you probably will have good results.

Big up to the magazine, keep up the good work!

One love to my families GVS, TKO, CSF, VDS. United we stand strong.