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Well start off a good intro: Who is Patrick Martinez; the man and the artist? Whats your back-story like? Where are you from? And why should people read an article centered on him?

Patrick Martinez: I’m a laid back dude that loves the arts. I grew up in Pasadena, Ca which is like 10 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles. I started drawing at a young age. I would copy comic book / cartoon characters into my sketch book almost every day. Robocop, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Smurfs, and the whole Marvel roster. I got into graffiti at the age of 12 going to local yards with cheap ass paint trying to get my can control up to par. I would draw pieces in my black book with sharpies and markers me and my brother would rack from Office Depot. I was silk-screening my own t-shirts with my pops in our garage with a one color homemade silkscreen set up, I was 13. I was young and now that I look back, I was always producing art. I get my work ethic from graffiti. The fact that you had to bust a sketch or draw your piece; then get the paint for it and finally produce it illegally, at the age of 15, it takes a lot of initiative to produce a piece. I carried that type of work ethic into my present career with my fine art. I still value my graffiti roots and keep that in my arsenal for sure. I think my visuals are more interesting than what I have to say. I speak with visuals; thats my language. So with that being said, just look at my art. If you are reading this, thank you.

The legendary Los Angeles photographer and director, Estevan Oriol once said that you are one of his favourite artists. Now thats must be a huge boost to your self-esteem considering all of the well known artists whom [Estevan] has worked with. What does it mean, personally, to have that man supporting your work?

Patrick Martinez: Estevan is a big asset to Los Angeles. He has done so much to push L.A. culture out to the world. His name is synonymous with Los Angeles street culture and art. He has developed a style of photography that has been bitten and continues to be taken from even now with the advancements in digital cameras. Estevan and his father, Eriberto are always pushing me with their positive words. I mean every time I see them they have kind words of wisdom for me or even when we are at a gallery opening or something they are telling people that they are talking to at that moment “Do you know Patrick’s work?” then they introduce me to that person. It means a lot to have someone like Estevan with such raw talent say, “I like your shit.” It’s better than a paycheque to have your peers gives you an honest positive critique on your work and I know lots of people can co-sign on that. Estevan doesn’t just doesn’t give props to anyone.

Will there be any type of Patrick Martinez x Estevan Oriol collaborations in the future?

Patrick Martinez: He is taking photos of my big head for my Juxtapoz Magazine feature which will soon be out. Other than that … we will see what the future brings.

As far as visual art is concerned, what do you hope to accomplish through this medium? Do you have a definite long-term goal in mind? What is the mission statement of Patrick Martinez?

Patrick Martinez: I wanna grow as an artist, not just in terms of skill but really digging deep and capturing peoples imagination. Connect with them in a real way…you know make the viewer feel some kind of emotion. I wanna leave a mark on this earth and also with the people on it with my pure unfiltered expression and ideas. I want my personality to shine through the art that I create so people can view my images and visit me even after I’m gone. Keep the money and the cars; I want the museums and books to feature my work so people can continue to visit my visuals. Thats the long term goal. I don’t really have a mission statement. I wanna keep it organic so I can grow with the art.

Your work is beginning to catch a buzz here in Canada. I know that Torontos Show & Tell Gallery is showing you some love. How did you initially link up with them? And what kind of reception and feedback are you getting from the crowds here? How would you compare that audience to the ones in your native California?

Patrick Martinez: Well, Show and Tell hit me up last year for a group show that never happened because of schedule conflict. It was a group show which featured: Greg Lamarche, Stephen Powers, Justin Green, Above and myself. They enjoyed the work and I love what they are doing with the gallery so we continued to build. Naturally it just blossomed into them representing my work in Toronto, the East Coast and beyond. I am really glad to be working with Show and Tell Gallery and hope to bring my work out to Canada early next year for a Solo at Show and Tell.

Also, I heard that youre working on something with Known Gallery? Care to speak on that or is it too soon?

Patrick Martinez: Yeah. I am doing a solo show next year at Known Gallery, sometime in April or May. I’m excited to be showing in that beautiful gallery. Known Gallery puts it down and always produces top of the line shows that never disappoint. They are definitely taking it to the next level for Los Angeles in terms of street inspired art as well as contemporary art. If anyone has a chance to check out a show at Known Gallery in person be sure to do so. It really doesn’t matter what show it is about, you for sure won’t be disappointed.

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