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WORLD MARKETING MIX is a multicultural event, which is expressed through different artistic languages, where it is now more than 2 million visitors. Born 15 years ago in Brazil, where he became a cornerstone of the Brazilian cultural scene and is in Portugal since 2003, with various editions held in Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Cascais and Lagos, arriving now at its 24th edition.

This is a vanguard movement with alternative characteristics related to urban culture, presenting new talents, new ideas and new trends in the arts, music, fashion and design, offering the opportunity for selected artists to promote, market and facilitate the their creations.

This year the event was made in Lisbon ( S.Jorge Castle) where graffiti artist Pariz One along with the brand Molotow, suprise everyone with a excelent work at the top of the castle.

Pariz One

“7:00 PM Deadly Sins,” co-authored by Pariz One&Mr.Dheo and, with the co-organization of Friday’s Project, the support of Turismo de Portugal, the Pampero, the Dedicated Store,Molotow,Montana Cans, and as Media Partner, MTV Portugal.

Two quotes from José Gil, from the book “‘Sem titulo’” – Writings on Art and Artists” – “A picture is always a crowd.” And “(…) the face has in itself all forms of the world.” – firmed as the leitmotif of the invitation of Pariz One&Mr.Dheo, the picture emerging as a theme, in questioning the nature of identity.

In “7:00 PM Deadly Sins”, each character or core attribute displays as a sin exacerbated associated with a color references, the authors say, for a symbolism associated with the number 7, the seven wonders, the 7th art, to seven days to create the world, the 7 seas, the seven musical notes, the seven sacraments and many other references, counting this work for seven days of work, seven central characters, seven words, seven colors, seven boards and seven deadly sins.

Big up,

Pariz One