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I’m just re-posting this one word for word.  NEW LONDON-CT

New London police were investigating the untimely death of a fashion model in a downtown apartment last year when patrolman Joshua Bergeson noticed, on the top of a television stand, a small model bus with the word “GRINS” painted on the side and top.

Bergeson recognized “GRINS” as a graffiti tag that had been appearing throughout the city. He also noticed in the apartment at 851 Bank St. advertisements for “Urban Art Shows” showcasing graffiti and a bookcase containing multiple cans of spray paint. He asked the detectives who were investigating the untimely death of 20-year-old Randy Johnston to photograph the graffiti evidence.

The photographs, along with information collected from dozens of property owners throughout the city, led to this week’s arrest of 25-year-old Robert Guess, who was charged with 19 counts of third-degree criminal mischief. He is accused of spray painting his “GRINS” tag, cartoon characters and other figures on buildings, street signs, newspaper stands and utility poles throughout the city, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Guess was living in the Bank Street apartment with a roommate when Johnston, a successful fashion model who grew up in Waterford and played drums in a local band, died of a heroin overdose during a party. Guess subsequently moved to Groton.