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OTR Book # 9 JEPSY ? The Real Deal

Jepsy of TRD (The Real Deal) made a name for himself in the mid 90?s setting the European transit lines ablaze with his classic New York City styles and elaborate characters executed with clear-cut precision. Full aesthetic production like this on trains was and still is a rare and wondrous sight. Naturally, Jepsy gained international fame. Now, back by popular demand, this edition is a must-have for all die-hard fans of steel burners. Its predecessor became a much sought-after collector?s item after its initial success in 1997. Get yours quick before they disappear again…

Take a look inside the book here!

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Title: JEPSY ? The Real Deal
Series: ON THE RUN BOOKS # 9
Author: Amber Grünhäuser
Pages: 128, full color, ca. 250 Illustrations & photographs
Format: 23,5 x 16cm (9.25 x 6.3 inches)
Language: English edition

Price Paperback: 9.95 ? | 9.99 £ | US $ 14.95
ISBN Paperback: 978-3-937946-66-5

Limited collector?s edition:
Price Hardcover: 14.95 ? | 14.99 £ | US $ 19.95
ISBN Hardcover: 978-3-937946-67-2
Silver Embossed Hardcover with Jacket & Stitch Binding

Graffiti Tattoo – Kings on Skin: In their quest to improve their artistic talent and earn honest livings, many graffiti writers have naturally gravitated towards other artistic endeavors. Since the 1970s, these artists have been making the leap to become muralists, fashion designers, art directors, and, as of late, tattoo artists. In the graffiti movement, artists battle in the public eye to be the best and most respected, and the same goes within the tattoo world. These spray paint technicians are making a splash worldwide with their color mastery and wild styles, changing the face of the tattoo world by adding their letters and boldness. They are thus creating a new visual language for the skin, a language filled with burners and characters that depart from the standard tribal design and sailor styles. Join us in celebrating the artwork of the best artists that have transitioned from the streets to the tattoo shops around the world including Jason Kundell, Mr. Went, Ces, Sabe, Timmi Mensah, Circle and many others.

Marker Cigarette

This is kinda cool.  Looks like Art Primo is giving away these Cigarette / Markers from On the Run.  Article nicked from this blog with a picture from 12oz.  Happy Tuesday kids.