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Graffiti, graffiti, all is not graffiti.

Today I am in London awaiting a yummy omelette which is being lovingly prepared for me in the kitchen.  So I decided to take a few moments to write a little post for you, the loyal readers of Day in the!


Japanese American artist Yoskay Yamamoto has been making quite a name for himself in the art world over the past few years.  His Koibito (恋人) toy was released last year through Munky King.  The characteristic fish head design takes its name from the Japanese word lover or sweetheart.

This name seems fitting for such a design.  For any artist that creates does so out of love.  Perhaps this is too sentimental an idea, but I strongly believe it.


This artist currently calls LA his home.  Check out some more photos of his work including the Koibito figurine below.  Talk soon, ok, bye bye.