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interview and content by miok piok

M – What do you write and when did you start all this graffiti thing?

ola, i am zed or zedo or z or call it as you like. I did start my sketching sessions and shit in 1998, then i stopped for some years and started searching for ideas in 2001 2002. These were the years when i also started to go out to the streets. In the place where i live, in Lithuania there were a lot of barriers for writing graffiti, there were no possible places to get paint suitable for quality works and. It may sound unbelievable, but the first graffiti shop or lets say a specialized paint shop opened in 2000 or 2001, i dont remember now, it was NASA shop. So i remember first buying montana after all the scrappy paint i used. That was a good paint and that was in Lithuania, so i started to go to the streets more..that was my poor beginning.

M – Why you don‘t belong to any crew?

Well, i decided to go this way… i feel better working alone, i dont even like companys, i never had a crew i could count on or trust and i think going alone makes you more productive, it feels good for me…i love to feel the night when im out, to feel all the components of the process, i hate when someone is jumping all around my eyes i just love to be with myself. I had a crew, it was a big crew, really big crew, i founded it in 2002 i think,the team,  it was called AC (art cowboys, art criminals, acid colors or as you just wish) and we were located in various citys of the country and even abroad. But sometimes things happens and you decide to change shit. Thats what i did, it was in 2006  as i remember. All that time im alone, and i am sure i will be in the future. I just feel right like that…its a good feeling to be independent and free. But sometimes people contacts me, we go to bomb together from time to time, not too often…

M – What is your biggest inspiration in graffiti?Is it other writers or  something else?

Well i dont really know, theres a lot of different things around you that could inspire you, and what really does. I think i am inspired by many variuos things, music inspires me, people around too, city at night, even the clothes i wear, or the food i eat. Its so big amount of things, i could write and write, its amazing how one day you can be inspired by the love and another day your inspiration is hate. All that shit is good for me, im used to live in various moods, to be in various places to see various things, and everything inspires me somehow..Talking about writers…i dont know, there are too many good writers around me, and again, most of them inspires me, i dont really name non of them, just like that, but in abstract, i am mostly inspired by the pure writers, who do letters, who bombs and shit, im not into legal graffiti, i dont like it, no matter that guys can do amazing things, ok do it, but do it in the streets, dont ask for permissions to write your trooth. So yes, im inspired by writers, only.. And everyone knows, we‘ve got a lot of great bombers around, streets are alive !

M –  What graffiti means to you?Why you painting?

Graffiti is my life by all the possible means. I live it, I wake up with the thoughts of it, I go to sleep with it too, I am 24/7 with graffiti and graffiti is with me. Im all the time with a full bag of markers, squeezers even paint, everyday…absolutely everyday. I bomb, I write, its more then painting, or maybe less, I don’t care about it, I just write, I love it, who knows now, its from the nature, I like to see myself everywhere I go, I like to remember everything while checking my works, I love to find myself when I travel through my country, even abroad, I do find my stuff in other countries often, no matter the buff. It’s a drug, but in the same way its more, letters in the streets are so powerfull, they say a lot, it’s biggest communication of the world, one language of everyone. I go abroad I meet people who don’t even talk English or Lithuanian but fuck it as we can understand each other near the wall, yes, its true, I was bombing in Spain years ago, nobody were talking English, I could understand Spanish aswell, but we somehow had a communication through our letters, you know ? It works, its mighty and I really feel it.

M –  What kind of place graffiti takes in your life these days?

Oh, its kind a hard to answer, I don’t know. I love all the things that I do in my life. I care about my people, about the stuff, and graffiti is always near myself..Its not in the first place if you are waiting for such answer haha. Why ? I don’t know. There’s more to life no matter that I love it so much, no matter that its constantly with me.

M – At this time you are very active in streets.What makes you paint so often?

No clear reason, maybe im in a right mood right now, maybe its just my time haha. As long as ill have  possibilities ill bomb.

M – What do you think about legal graffiti?

I don’t like it, I don’t even call it graffiti, its possibly art or something, but not graffiti. Graffiti is definitely illegal, in the streets, and only letters !

M –  What is the biggest risk you have ever taken for your art?

I risk all the time, I think everybody does, in any spheres of life…The biggest risk ? Well..i don’t know, I was bombing high under the bridges, on the top floors of the highest local buildings, on the cops, everywhere. I go where its dangerous, where you can get caught easily, where it seems impossible to hit…So you risk a lot, you risk money, normal social life, you risk health and even life. But its amazing when you succeed.

M – If you could paint any surface in the world what would you choose to paint on?

Haa…ooh yes, I would choose all the possible surfaces in this world, but I am afraid I wont manage in this lifetime haha, I would say I CHOOSE THE WHOLE PLANET, but BNE already did that, I wont break the copyright ! There is nothing impossible, if I want, if I will decide, I will do everything I want, if you go hard – switch your brains off and go. We’ll all die one day, so in the mean time do your thing.

M –  What are your plans for the future?

I don’t usually like to make plans, cause when you do you fail as a rule. But if the luck wont disappear from my life, I will keep on writing, going bigger, harder, I will do my thing, maybe ill try to run my own business, and compete with Microsoft, maybe ill go to NASA as an engineer or maybe ill try to beat everyone in NASCAR,…or maybe ill just be myself.

M –  Is there anything else you would like to add that was not asked?

I don’t think there is something else to add. Live your life everyone, love each other, paint some good walls, try to get montana’s sponsorship…

Greetings to everyone. Thanks to mister miok piok for the time spent questioning me, thanks to everyone who were hating and throwing shit at me, I succeed because of you. My love to the whole world. Mister z