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Greetings   anyone wishing to  attend, contribute, vend, sponsor  THE STEEL WHEELS SHOW in ATL this coming Labor Day Weekend please  reply asap.

When someone says trains, art is not the first thing that comes to mind. One may think: large loud dirty machines that hold me up as I try to get past this crossing to the other side of the road. To the average person, a litany of fleeting thoughts probably comes to mind when they see or think of trains. Something as gaudy and grimy as the railroad cannot possibly have any artistic value what so ever.

Art, in its purest sense, began to appear on trains as far back post bellum America. For years, decades even after this period, the art of and on trains remained a clandestine activity. It was allusive and mysterious. In the late 1960s, the thought of art and trains, together, took the proverbial giant evolutionary leap forward with the introduction of the spray paint can.

Out of this phenomenon grew an entirely new culture known today as writing graffiti. In a more broad sense, writing graffiti is an iatrical part of the development and history of the Hip Hop culture which is now as much a part of American culture as baseball or apple pie.

The Steel Wheels Show captures that very narrow sliver of space where art and trains exist together. Steel Wheels Show is a well-planned event that has succeeded at securing a cult following over the last 3 years.

The upcoming third installment will bring fresh new art to quench the thirst of the loyal follower and art enthusiast who has never seen this spectacular intriguing event. Artist range from the old to the new who employ a wide variety of mediums.
Please fwd, repost.
Team MadClout

Steel Wheels Miami!
All Rail Inspired Art Show.
March 26th-28th
Featuring Works By North Amerikkka’s most prolific and influential
Rail Road artists.
Photography, model scale, signage, monikers etc.
All under one roof in the hottest city in the world, literally.
Miami” will be the hub this weekend.
Be there or get left behind.

Writing/Aerosol Art on trains has a history that predates the modern writing by nearly a century.
Following the Civil War, veterans returning to their homes by rail, sometimes and often
wrote their names and the names of fellow fallen soldiers on the sides of rail road cars.
After the stock market crash of 1929 which we can relate to now more then ever thousands of Amerikkkan’s became what later would be called Hobos or Tramps.
From very early, marking rail cars with a personalized handle was synonomous amongst the hobo culture.
In the mid 1960’s a similiar brand of writing began to appear on public transit vehicles in the cities of Philadelphia and New York. Writing/Aerosol Art on the Subway and rail road are the foundation of the entire aerosol art culture. For this reason Aerosol Art on trains will always have a special place in the hearts and minds of writers and enthusiasts alike.
Cole T” Onley.

We cordially invite you to witness the movement.
One full weekend in MIAMI. FLA.
Serving The South……
March 26-28th
The Wharehouse
7140 NW Miami Ct.
Miami, Fl. 33150