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Every city in the world has a rhythm, a natural beat that carries and guides the evolution of the place. This beat embraces the history that is stored in the streets and stones of buildings and walkways. It is in the expression of the citizens. It floats in the air thumping. This beat cannot be any more clearly felt and more perfectly captured as with Barcelona and her public street art.

For Barcelona, after the fall of Franco, the beat evolved into the Bohemian culture that has reclaimed the city and its Catalan roots. For decades, the city flourished with freedom, graffiti and music. But the recent economic and political changes have caused the (Spanish) government to begin removing freedoms from the people, reversing these modern cultural advances. New laws and fines to public street artists are threatening the very vein of Barcelona culture.

No successful conversations between the artists and the adjauntamento have taken place to preserve these public spaces where the people can express themselves in a visually stunning medium. Graffiti serves to create a conversation between the artist and the public. It can be a playful interchange or one that may provoke question about a variety of political or socioeconomic issues.


Las Calles Hablan: the story and politics of Barcelona graffiti, will showcase works by some of Barcelona’s best street artists, and serve to open up dialogue in the community about the importance of street art. By providing people with information on the various barrios and their history, we serve to create an open forum that will not only provide an arena for artists, locals and officials, but also progressively educate citizens and protect the relationship of Barcelona to its most valued cultural contributors.


Btoy, Debens, Kenor, OGOCH, Pez, SM172, Kafre, Alice and Tom14.



As part of the opening, a sneak preview of a documentary on the graffiti scene will be shown, focusing on the history, politics and stories of three decades of Barcelona street art. On the closing night, the full feature documentary will be shown.



I first arrived in Barcelona as a tourist in the nineties. The city made such a remarkable impression on me that I came back to live here ten years later. During my two year residency, I kept my camera in my pocket at all times. Behind every crack and corner of the city there was beautiful and provocative art. I was enchanted by what I found on the streets and shot photos of these public pieces everyday. Over time, I had collected hundreds of photographs of Barcelona’s street art. Recently, I have been using these photos to passionately develop and expand what has become Las Calles Hablan.


Opening : 25 October 2012 / 20hr

Running 25 October – 8 November
Mutuo Centro de Arte (