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Estevan Oriol is probably the most relevant photographer in our day in age. The man’s work has been featured in such publications as The Source, Juxtapoz Magazine, Mass Appeal (R.I.P.), Complex, Anthem, and Rolling Stone, to name a few. Beyond the newsstands, he has been put in work with Soul Assassins, Joker Brand Clothing, and the production of music videos for most of your favourite emcees.

The man is established (no doubt), so when it was announced that he would be releasing a book titled “L.A. Women”, a follow-up to his successful 2009 calendar, by the same name, I was more than excited. To not anticipate an Estevan Oriol project is to not appreciate real art.

Obviously with a title like “L.A. Women” this book is going to be loaded with shots of beautiful women, some with less clothing than others, yet none of that takes away from the overall artistry of these photographs nor do any of the women appear to be exploited. (You know the man is good when he can have a two-page spread of a naked woman and the image does not convey anything pornographic nor sleazy.)

Some of the featured models will be unknown to people outside of Los Angeles yet there are some recognizable faces here such as: Angel Veil (the cover model), DJ Lady Tribe (TKO), Kiana Dior, Joy, Kat Von D (from L.A. Ink), Julia Bond, and Kim Kardashian.

Apart from the women, everything from low-riders, guns, and simple background environments bring added dimension to his photos; they work as extensions of the art rather than distractions.

The use of camera angles, lighting, background environments, and color schemes give this book a more distinct look than other “street art” books on the market today. As a matter of fact, the techniques used surpass what is found in most mainstream photography books, as well.

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