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Tag: lady luck

It’s been a while. What’s new?

I started study art in an academy. Just practice on canvas, sometimes with spray paint. No rules, no dates, pure freedom. I relax a lot, do photo shoots and organize the calendar for 2011 and so on. I moved to an other big city, new people around me. The last months I did a lot of legal things. I tried to combine my sign with figured elements and I did some character. After the last interview we started to be active as the “Puff crew”. We did some youtube videos and now one of our girls from Prague plan to do a movie with girls doing their thing all around the world.

What’s this calendar I’ve been hearing about?

I organized a calendar with 12 girls, 13 artists and one photograph from Italy, Damiano Nava. It is a sexy, trashy body painting calendar. The new one will be for 2011 as an English version. Be curious.

Is there a photo of you in there?

Maybe yes, but a lot of girls want to be a luckbitch. Six months are ready. My new Luckbitches calendar video will come soon. You will see really cute bitches and good styles on them.

Is that you on our issue 7 cover, or one of your bitches?

Yes, its me, my best friend did this one in the Netherlands. Two years ago I was modeling sometimes, now I have a job in a club. Some months ago Alex Fakso visits me and we did crazy bunny photos on a train again. He also shoots a lot of girls from my neighborhood. It was fun.

How often do you paint your Luck Bitches?

From time to time I invite some girls, also in my academy atelier. But there I didn’t do letters. I plan an exhibition with this stuff when its finished.