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1. Allegedly my name is KH1 , AKA Kosher Howey Won. I can simply be another Jewish man selling land or homes. Did you know that KH1 is the ONLY person that writes Hebrew as a graffiti tag and puts it into “street art” in all of New York and America ? Well I’m not saying or admitting to who I am but one thing I will admit is that there is only one person in all America that tags up in Hebrew. That’s Kosher Howey Won. KH1. 

2. My favorite thing to do with a can of spray paint is spray it and light a lighter next to the cap and watch the spraypaint spray out fire ! I also enjoy when street art is ruined. 

Another KH1 and CELSO collabo!

3A. True or false. I am one of the most hated artists on the streets today?

True and false. I’m NOT an artist. I’m a republican that does not like fine art or hipsters. There are alot of hipsters and artists that don’t like me. A lot !!!!!! And the line is getting bigger. I also have a lot of people who feel upset when I talk and or write with confidence. So many people try to keep me down or shut me up. The hate fuels me because I then know I am making an impact in peoples lives. 

3B. How does that make me feel?

I feel like I just robbed a bank and got away with it laughing as I put the stolen money into another bank branch. 

KH1 redecorating a BilliKid
4. I write for because…

I have a long history with vandalism and I have lots of fans and Bobby Bonafides Fisher took notice to that. There is not another person that is better for that job. But most of all I am there at BOMBIN’ to show people what good graffiti looks like. Through out the years graffiti has been watered down and sorta dull because too many people keep showing and talking about the same old styles and graffiti artists. I’m there to change how graffiti looks and to improve or even ruin it as long as I change what people see and think. Plus I want to showcase new writers, new unique forms of typography in graffiti. I also enjoy and want to show others that there was graffiti before 1991. Plus I am blessed with getting what ever I want in lyfe because I actually read the Bible and talk to Yeshua every day. 

5. The best thing about graffiti in NYC is?

The street art looks funny when it’s ruined by writers, LOL LOL LOL LOL 

I <3 KH1

6. The worst thing about graffiti in NYC is?

The graffiti is being cleaned too fast now. 

7. Did you have a good yontif?

I had a very good holiday. I won the pick 6 lotto and will be buying a new parking lot to sell later on in the future. People are gonna pay me to park their car and with that money I’m gonna buy another parking lot and then a boat. I’m white ! 

8. The girls with the fattest asses live in?

Puerto Rico, Jersey City NJ, Newark NJ, Harlem, Boston, And the Bronx. Southern NJ and some parts of Brooklyn. 

9. What would you most want to be remembered for when you die?

Helping others be better and smarter thinking people. I push for new inventions and new medicine that the FDA won’t let out because they fear people will not be sick anymore. Motivating people to have faith in what Yeshua can and will do. Helping homeless people get jobs and helping people get better wealth and health. When I get my first million dollars I’m going to go out and pick out homeless people that I think just had a tough time and I am going to get them a small studio apartment each and pay their rent for 2 years and help them get jobs. Helping and motivating is my goal before I go back upstairs. I’m serious !

Cake is spared, Royce not so lucky.

10. What’s the difference between street art and graffiti?

I was never ever in popular cliques in high school or college and I don’t want to be in any hipster street art cliques that are involved in street art. There is a street art clique in New York and if they don’t like or meet you then you are not in or “down” with them. Street art in New York is not positive and is an impersonation of what graffiti is. I have a term that I call New York City street art. I call it “Wanna Be Graffiti.” New York street artists kiss ass and act like they have been listening to hot 97 just to look good in front of graffiti writers and artists. 

Graffiti is the source and route of company advertising but the only thing is that with graffiti the typography is really designed. Some sucker who is labeled “Desktop Publisher and or a “Graphic Designer.” They actually think he or she is designing when they have not created a single letter. The font family they use are not created by the desk top publisher. Graffiti writers and artists create EVERY letter and shape. Writers have to do it over and over again. Respect to graffiti writers and graffiti artists that design their own letter forms. Street art from New York is just some art college drawings or clip art that looks like sissy art. I can make better street art then them and I am not even an artist. You think people in caves were doing street art ?? No graffiti has been on this planet for thousands of years and one thing that I know for sure is that graffiti will be on this planet for another 500 to 900 more years ! 

Respect to names like JOZ, EASY, JOSH5, FIB, SPADE, KH1, DCee, Nuff, Camp, CS, Cap, Sern from Jersey City, dy5 aka NOSE, and many more. Much power to A4I !

KH1 spotted during the Super Bowl