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Today I ate two all beef franks with a side of beans for dinner.  I remember there was a time when I thought that was living, but now I can barely keep it down, nitrates.  Anyways, REVOK got arrested again, this time in Los Angeles, I guess the cops didn’t like seeing his face splashed all over the web with that Australian case he caught.  So the arrested him at an art show.  Says something about going to certain art shows, especially when some buddy of yours is paying you $1000 to be there.

Here’s the story on that bizzzzzzzness.

Jason Williams, 32, who was on probation and goes by the name REVOK, was appearing Sunday as the guest of honor at the 33rd Graffiti Art Store, said Sgt. Augie Pando of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The store was exhibiting Montana spray paint, a brand used by taggers, Pando said.

During a later search of Williams’ home, deputies found several hundred paint cans, a police badge and a fire extinguisher, Pando said. They also found a stolen detour sign and digital photos of his graffiti work on his phone.

Sucks, at least you were smiling in the picture.

revok arrested in LA


On that note, I’m watching Poltergeist.  I’m not gonna lie, when I saw this when I was 6 I ran out the room.



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Revok aka Jason Steven Williams was ordered to pay over $15,000 in fines and damages after going on a graffiti spree across Melbourne.  He was arrested as he tried to fly home.  His biggest mistake was tweeting his whole trip.  Posting “I’m going to paint as much as I can then get the f.. out of here,” and ”on my way to the airport… can’t get on that plane fast enough!!!” sealed the deal and landed him in the hands of the local authorities.

He also blogged pictures of his exploits on the internet.  The judge took pity on the famous artist and sentenced him to 9 months suspended for two years.


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