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True School

IWUZHERE! is proud to announce our newest tee shirts – the Yard 2 Yard Collection. Yard 2 Yard is our tribute to just a few of the areas that shaped graffiti culture in L.A. – the spots where crews and individuals honed their skills, developed their talents and flexed their techniques. These are the yards where you showed respect or paid the price.
IWUZHERE! took the look and feel of a classic High School P.E. tee shirt and flipped it to represent each spot in it’s unique way with a “class of” year that pays homage to each yard; from the legendary Pan Pacific and Motor Yard to the world famous Belmont Tunnel and the L.A. River.

If you were there you already know the deal, but if you weren’t you can still pay tribute these classic locations. Anyone can rock a Yard 2 Yard tee.

Click the link below now!!!