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Lots of Good Graff Down in Miami This Past Weekend as you could see from the photos people have been posting ALL OVER the Interweb,In My opinion The Owner of this Lot in particular, Josh Kohn Lucked out With The Group Of Artists Primary Flight Assigned him to paint His Walls As You Could See From the Photos, HOW and NOSM from the TATS CRU with one Large Wall that Messured 17 x 92 , Then TYKE (WITNESS) AWR/NASA Then The other side was Graced with A Large TMD CRU Production, It Was Amazing To Watch How Energertic Those New Zealander’s were That Almost Painted Round the Clock every night and Made everything come together so smooth, And Not To mention Quite a Few Other Large walls that people worked the asses off on!!!!! Then Unplanned By Friday Evening, With Everybody tagging the outside gates, Josh got Sick of telling kids To Stop Fucking Tagging and Do Some Nice Pieces and Within hrs The Block Was Filled With More Heads Showing Madd Love to His Walls!!! I belive People were painting that block till the sun came up the next morning!!!!! The Lot Was Filled With Good Painting, And Lots of IRIENESS The Whole Weekend, MUCH Thanx to Josh and His Wife Traci for being Such Cool Peoples-SMUGGLER