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Warning, if you have been arrested in NYC while carrying a cell phone the police might be illegally tracking you via your phone’s serial number.  According to the Daily News, a recent internal memo says that when cops make an arrest, they should remove the suspect’s cell phone battery to avoid leakage – then jot down the International Mobile Equipment Identity number.

Civil libertarians are alarmed by the new policy since normally a warrant is needed to obtain information such as calls made or numbers in an address book.  

So, here’s some advice kids, 

1.  Never enter your friend’s Writing names into your phone.  Only their given names, or make something up.

2. Don’t send texts about painting.  Text messages last forever and can be read by third parties.

3. Don’t carry your cell when you are out painting.

4. If you are super paranoid, get a new phone if you get arrested.


dismantled cell