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then one, aids

Who the heck are you?

I am somebody and nobody at the same time…welcome to graffiti!

Your gallery work is off the hook, what’s next with that?

Thanks! I ask myself “What’s Next?” daily. Lately I’ve been drawing and painting a lot, as well as taking in more from my surroundings for inspiration for my paintings and drawings. Next step would probably to get a series of paintings together and see if I can get a show together.

You still keeping it real on the streets?

Always…. This past year was a little quiet for me as far as hitting the streets in comparison to previous years but I get it in when I need to. I recently traveled to Nicaragua which was interesting, got a bunch of shit done down there and have a few trips lined up soon so I’ll get some good flicks from that.

What kind of things have you been painting?

As far as graff goes I have been in the lab trying to get more focused, by that I mean getting a good throwy, handstyle and just plain drawing more & better letters. As far as my gallery art I have been really focusing on polishing my skills to give the paintings more of a “wow” factor, by rendering things and paying more attention to detail… this is something I am also applying to my graffiti side of things.

What’s up with the book “graffiti Planet 2”?

“Graffiti Planet 2” is a book that KET (ris) has put together, a sequel to “Graffiti Planet” I was approached to submit a photo for the book and of course I couldn’t let that pass up. The book showcases many graffiti artists from around the world who paint in unique styles that are visually appealing.

Aids Crew is a household name these days, things seem to be getting bigger and better.

I don’t know about a household name, but in Jersey I guess I would say so. Things have been going pretty good for he crew. We have been fortunate enough to have some galleries take enough appreciation in our work to display it at their galleries as well as have us get on some pretty fun projects. Everyone has been working hard to develop an identity for themselves as an individual and as a crew. We take our work seriously in all aspects of art and for some of us music as well. Keep a look out, we still have some aces in our sleeves.

then one, aids

Have you gotten any feedback from the Day in the Lyfe movie your in? We just got it on NetFlix, so tell everyone to put it on their queue!

Actually I have, I appreciate you guys having me in the video first of all. It was a great experience, the days I went out to paint for the video were fun & fucking coooooold as hell! I remember meeting up with Goze to paint a spot and it was about 12 degrees I think. All I can remember was the pain in my hands as they began defrosting. Damn you guys got it into NetFlix!!!! Congrats on that…Lyfe stepping their game up. People seem to like the video, I’ve showed it to many people and get pretty much the same reaction, they love it.

You have one of those outdoor installations on that huge building in downtown Jersey City. How did u get involved with that?

Well a friend of mine from BK passed my email to the organizer of the event referring me for this project. After reading all the details about the project I was pretty intrigued so I got my paint together and met up with organizer and got to painting. This project ran pretty smoothly, the panels are up on the building on 350 Morgan St. In Jersey City. There were a lot of artists that came down to paint some graffiti based, some fine artists and a few from abroad. Ron English dropped a piece for the project as well.

What the fucks up with all these toys these days? We should go fart in their lunch and chill with their sisters. Right?

I wish I had an answer to this question, there are definitely way more than ever before. I say fart on their sisters and eat their lunch! Hahahaha

Would you rather smoke blunts with Ali G, or eat biscuits with Giada De Laurentiis?

I would rather Smoke blunts with Giada and then eat her biscuits. haha


AIDS Crew, LCF Crew, MOK crew, Linda, Jersey Burns DVD (dropping soon), Liver Bashers & all my people that have kept it real with me since day one. Last but not least Day In The Lyfe for showing support and giving me the opportunity to showcase my work, much love!