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EvitaWeed (Eva M ª González López) was born in 1986 in a small village in the province of Jaen in Andalusia, and that’s where I started learning about photography in a very experimental.
In 2002, Evita moved to Granada, where he began studying photography and develop their own style.
I developed my own style with a love story that was somewhat rough and left me in deep sadness, I began to see photography as more than one activity is a way to translate my feelings and impressions in the light and transforming them into a tangible form that can be seen in the paper.
Although born in the digital age, Evita Weed, focuses primarily on film.
His portraits are characterized by a touch melancholy, soft and subtle tones of vintage analog grain conveying a sense of time recognizable.
There is always a touch of melancholy in my pictures, because I love film cameras and they are always going to get a rough grain which permeates every level, as a product of light. My images are also characterized by soft tones, subtle, small imperfections and well-studied use of light, where natural light is the key theme of the collection.
The picture for me is my window to the world.
Everything around me is a huge desert of asphalt that I’m trying to escape … to preserve my innocence in a society that seems to be losing that quality. A vision of my city, this desert vast, desolate asphalt, the futile resistance against the loss of innocence …
There are thousands of times in life, and some of them deserve to be captured … feelings and images … and that’s all there for me.
My style is totally recognizable and distinctive. It’s so easy to get carried away and jump into the imaginary world of sublime landscapes, skies dynamic, dreamlike landscapes and feelings hidden in remote corners imaginable. ”