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Center Art Show

Press Release…

Original Style Kreation
Art show featuring Center HBT
Located at Collective Gallery
601 Central Ave. St Petersburg, FL 33701
Opening Saturday July 30th 7-11pm

Since the origins of modern day graffiti in the 1970′s, graffiti has been debated to be either vandalism or art.
I say it can be either, and both have thier place and importance. I learned my foundation of styles on the streets.
I have grown and ascended as humans are supposed to do. I have taken that foundation and shaped it into new things.
It seems that many “graffiti” artists are growing up and preffering mediums that last a little longer than street graffiti.
I happen to be one of many.
This show is based on the concept of originallity. It is heavily weighted with letters and urban shapes. No matter what happens,
I intend to keep my momentum moving forward. And, occasionally return to my foundation.
Original Style Kreation intends melt the styles of the streets with the beautiful interior of Collective Gallery.