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BSCI: Before we start talking about the business aspect of your company and building process I want to ask you, who are the individuals that make up BLOCK BY BLOCK? How did this entire movement come to being?
We can start with me: my name is Sizeo and I am the creator of Block By Block ink. I’m born and raised in Toronto and have been involved in graffiti since ’96.
As far as building the brand goes, it has been a two year process; set off from the influence from some friends of mine, but keeping it as local and homegrown as possible seemed only right as there was no real Canadian brand. It seemed like the right time to come out with a high quality product(s) that could be sold at a reasonable price for EVERYONE involved – from the people buying it to the dudes selling it. I got tired of seeing kids split their lunch money three ways to buy a pen only to find out that these [expensive pens] sucked and the guy who sold them could barely make a profit due to the high price.
After some serious research everything was set to go and the name BLOCK BY BLOCK just seemed right…it’s how you see the best a city has to offer…by getting out there and walking it BLOCK BY BLOCK, it’s how you build a solid foundation, and I’m not just talking about houses…could be your rep, career or brand, it doesn’t matter… start with a single block of ideas and expand upon that!
I couldn’t be doing this without the support of a number of people, and at the risk of forgetting someone I won’t try to name them all, but the daily operation comes from me but with massive support from Dazem with the web/IT shit!!! Designs and additional nerdy stuff has come from Herbs, Bien and Cody Finney.

BSCI: In Canada, it’s not always easy to get “our own” artists and businesses off the ground, especially when looking at the art world, because so many people would rather support the American or other foreign bodies. Despite being its own sub-culture, I find that Canada has a tendency to be slow when it comes to supporting its own. For example: Banksy and Revok can get more love in Canada than EGR or Elicser. How supportive have Canadians -both individual and market wise- been to the Block By Block brand? How important is it for Canadians to get behind their own kind?
It’s of the utmost importance that we as Canadians throw our support behind our local artists and brands! We’re the second largest country in the world with the populist of the State of California spread over its huge land mass. At times, it can be difficult here BUT the support Block has received is HUMBLING on all fronts! We appreciate it.
BSCI: How important is word of mouth (advertising) concerning your product? I ask because unlike many American or European brands, BBB is not using slick-product ads or buying spots on websites. So how would you define your marketing strategy? 
Word of mouth is so important as to what’s going on with Block; everyone wants to be the one to put the next dude on to some shit…were all guilty of it But using some slick promo ads would be sweet. If the money was there maybe there would be some high budget block AD…..but that wouldn’t be BLOCK, hard work from the network of friends that have been accumulated throughout the years of painting graffiti and social media have been kind to us! Our strategy is to be out there and to be honest. If Block wasn’t around prowling streets would still go on in my daily life!
BSCI: Let’s do some a quick networking (roll call) and tell the readers where they can find Block By Block products? 
Calgary: LE ROCK
Hamilton: BLAZEN
Montreal: LE ROCK, SUB V
Houston, Texas (USA): REAL713
Of course at WWW.BOMBINGSCIENCE.COM and our site,
BSCI: Your brand is steadily picking up momentum and gaining supporters, but do you feel -at this point- it is too early to say whether or not you’re successful? From a business-world prospective, BBB (Block By Block) is one year old and considered “brand new” however -as a writer and crew- you have been around for quite a while and I suspect that reputation affords you a bit more clout and recognition than the typical start-up company. How would you define your success?
The measure of success differs person to person. Right now the main goal has been getting the product out to the people and they are taking notice – it’s amazing. Does that mean we’re successful and can hang out? Fuck no! Working hard is what’s up. Sitting around thinking about what you did seems like a waste. Pushing on; staying focused is the mo.!!!

Graffiti has given me an amazing network of friends, which I’ve used to promote the product and to reach out to shop owners through friends of friends etc. Using my own graffiti career wouldn’t get me that far….I’m not a talented artist, just a dude that’s honest about what I’m doing and willing to work hard for it.

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