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Tag: beer

Who the hell are you?

I write beer/bgut

How long have you been painting?

I’ve been painting for about 6 years

Are you from Vancouver BC or Vancouver Washington?

Im actually from kelowna but im movin to vancouver BC soon

Are you reppin crews hard as hell? or what?

I rep pos crew out of vancouver

When players be hating on your steeze what actions do you take?

Depending on the person usually just cap there shit with tags and ghost fills, gotta find out who your fucking with first

I like to smell my own farts, but other peoples farts are gross to me. do you agree?

well everyone likes there own brand right??? i hate the smell of another persons farts too forsureee

They buffed the famous extra large Saber Msk piece on the LA River. what do you think about that?

I think the dude should get fucked in the ass….hard!!!!!

Do you tag security cars on the reg?

Haha usually just when im a drunken mess!!

Shout outs to pos crew and all the homies, they know who they are!