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Tag: austria

Name Nychos

Location Vienna, Austria

Years Painting 9

Where do you paint

everywhere the rabbit takes me

What’s up with the rabbits

a long story/consept i work on is the rabbit eye movement ! it tells a story of my personal development from a young tv-addicted kid dropping into the addiction graffiti lead be the white rabbit to spread the message. its a real story between epileptic fits ,cold swet ,daytime visions, talking traffic mirrors and massive overspray. But it will take me still a while to finish the comic story to the real street consept and  you will have to wait and stay tuned to see the whole masterplan. keep watching my website updates and you will slowly understand!.

Next goal in the art world

watching the rabbits taking over and burn down babylon. hahaha. not sure. will see how much interest my consept will get!

Painting Trains

not much really! i have had some really bad experience in australia .first busted but got away .not much later i almost got killed by a tangara. train stopped. people on the train were freakin out. i still have scarves of the barbwire fence i had to jump.after that i got lost in ozzybush and i thought my ozzyfriends got killed! 3 years later i met them again accidently in another city . it was crazy.

Illegal or legal walls

dont care i do everything really . i love painting murals and doing great artworks is my passion . i can take my time and develop style   good consepts and ideas.

but painting tracksides or other walls nobody really cares like freewaybridges are real fun to hit! you have to be quick and you need the perfect idea for the perfect spot and the perfect angle for the perfect photo! its the more urban part.

i think as an graffiti artist and writer its sometimes hard. you have to decide which side you let come threw today. or the next day.  pretty scizofranic. lol

Your comics are real clean, what’s the process

different! i like doing illustrator because its very clean but vectorizing is a to long prozess for a long comic. at the moment i do everything freestyle black and white but i am very open about the media. i like to find new ways of creating my artwork. it part of the development . the sketching style develops also with the media. thats might the reason why i develop so fast at the moment i feel like dropping into a big shit and getting crazy about it. i like to get more loose,free my mind and follow the white rabbit. see! now we are back in the consept again! haha.

Paintings on Russian monuments, what if you got caught doing those years ago, versus now

yeah that was at my trip to sophia bulgaria last year!apparently its not russian.its  from  old yugoslavia before the war of course.i got there one day befor the other artists so i had more time to check everything out! sophia is still pretty destroyed against to other places in europe. and you can find a lot af old signs of the russians  like the monument in the middle of the city! they head a big steelfence around becaus the city doesnt have the money to rip it down i guess. so i thought lets do it! i jumped in an d painted the rabbit on the statue. the next days we painted the whole monument up and nowbody notised. back in the day they would definatly pushed us against the wall to kill us! crazy that we all could do this without any problems!

What’s next on your plate

2010 is already planed until oktober! loads of painting in europe! some group shows . on is currently at prettyportal in germany next following in brussels in may. Ill mainly work on heaps new artwork for my first soloshow at pure evil gallery london in september!  ia malready working on designs for screenprints and new toydesigns which will hopefully produced before september. But main interest is to do stuff to get better and better!