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Tag: AmberLynn Suicide

AmberLynn Suicide
Age 27

Location Nevada

Into: Wifebeater diapers, yacht rock, peaking out of the covers, and watching the babies.

Not Into: Regions of darkness, and people who don’t like Michael McDonald

Makes her happy: Michael McDonald, music, whiskey, beer.

Makes her sad: Google eyes

Fav Bands: Michael McDonald, Stevie Wonder, George Jones, Prince, AIRBOURNE, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, David Bowie, Conway and Loretta, Bill Withers

Fav Films: Big Lebowski.. any Cohen brothers’ movies., Anchorman, Spinal Tap, The Jerk, Viva Las Vegas, Scarface (the 1939 version), Joan Crawford movies, Zoolander, Halloween, Gangs of New York

Amina Suicide
Age 26
Location Nevada

Into: The Joaquin Phoenix masturbation scene from ‘To Die For’ and spooning with my Boston Terrier, Boo Boo.

Makes her sad: Any use of the word ‘Tatts.’ Fucking PUKE.