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NohJColey – Sprayed N Stone

Another video I made for you.

Artist NohJColey uses the streets of New York City as his canvas. His latest work Sprayed N Stone is a tribute to three well known graffiti artists who passed away before their time. Tie was a San Francisco teenager who brought so much energy to the world of graffiti that artists across the country paid tribute to him when they learned of his untimely passing at 18. When you talk about Sace, all you can say was his whole life was art. Millions of kids lived vicariously through the photos that graced the pages of Vice magazines for years. He was just starting to be taken very seriously in the international high art world when he tragically passed this summer. And finally Iz the Wiz is an artist that inspired a generation, from trains to streets Iz was the definition of old school New York graffiti. NohJColey has created this tribute to these 3 artists to remind us of their contributions and to pay homage to those that provided inspiration.

This work is a linoleum print and acrylic wash on paper with seven color paper subtraction pasted on a metal wall.