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EL SWERVO… the man, the myth, the legend

el swervo

El Swervo is a man of great “ambitions”. A refugee from Central America who has traveled great lengths to come to this country, and take full advantage of our opportunities. For example he currently lives off unemployment, got kicked off welfare, and has signed up for free baby formula at his local food bank to feed his two youngest children (out of 8). I would say Swervo has accomplished many things since he’s been here. He has quit crack twice, started his own landscaping business, and scrawled on countless rail cars. Yes Swervo is a glorious man. Keep an eye on those hoppers for one of his many uplifting messages which he has dedicated his life’s work to bring you.

Who is El Swervo?

-El Swervo is a moniker, which grew from a shitty doodle character. Over the years it has been refined and continues to be. Rail cars are where it’s at for me and has been for quite some time, the travel and foreign audience keep things interesting. The typical spray markings can get repetitive, but the nostalgia of scrawling a handle gives me a bigger sense of worth in the endless sea of freight. Monikers are timeless and much more respectable in my opinion. It sort of pays homage to the forefathers of rail vandals! Viva la revolution!

Who is El Swervo?

An aging man still searching for a thrill

Where is El Swervo?

I reside where sagebrush becomes one with your socks. Don’t wear shorts when you come visit!

Where can El Swervo be seen?

On grainer and hopper rail cars that more then likely don’t even travel far. Ha!

Is it true the El Swervo is another name for the Dirty Sanchez?

El Swervo is another word for don’t let me drive, but im on the wagon now.

Favorite writing device. Why?

P1010239I would say industrial marking crayons, because they are free where I work (shhhh)….

How do you maintain your mad ups, while still pimpin in the streets?

I keep my hoes in check jk. Don’t tell my wife I said that.

What do you do when your homie gets out of line, and embarrasses you in a public place?

The old me would run to the beer freezer and snatch a couple tall boys. That’s a good distraction!

Would you fart in the face of a sleeping person?

Even if you know they wouldn’t wake up. Karmas a bitch but that can work both ways.

The desert is a strange place. Have you seen anything strange out there?

Most definitely. The strangest would have to be a shrilling in the distance like a woman crying bloody murder. This is in the setting of a pitch dark night in the middle of nowhere with bone chilling winds. The second would have to be getting blasted with a spotlight while on the tracks next to a junkyard that reminded me of The Hills have Eyes!

I saw a UFO once in the desert once. No joke!

I love a good story lets here about it.

I might have been drinking tequila and smoking joints, and it was 3 am, and I was living in a truck lost in the desert. But I know what I saw. And I saw something strange. I Left after that.

Do you think broke ass California should spend a cool million on buffing the giant MTA roller on the LA River?

Spending money on buffing is like going to the car wash when you know that shits gonna get dirty again!

What’s next for El Swervo?

Super Burrito that’s how I get down!