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Sunday Funday


A powerful voice in a youthful era

Making a choice, describing the terror

Artistic expression on the walls in the alley

Compared to garbage and cattle calls in the valley

Loud and obnoxious, or does the truth make you nauseous?

Feel free to be vocal, but you better be cautious?

Too much to handle as they paint with a candle

For every second is danger, waiting to dismantle!

Talented students in the fine arts of evolution

Portraying the shame and mental pollution

How can you say, It’s not an artistic display?

How can you see, when you live in the grey?

It’s a new time now and walls don’t have fears

Now, they have voices and it’s burning your ears

Writing the phrases you’ve wanted to speak

But now it’s too late; Your free spirit’s too weak

You want to quiet the children; just let things be?

But we won’t stay quiet and we’ll never agree!

To the foolish thoughts and ideas of; Your history

So i say: Continue to scribble and spray GRAFFITI


Paintings by CAOS  2011

Video courtesy of Element-Tree