Q) What is We Ride By Train?
A) We Ride By Train is a freight culture DVD mainly focusing on the
graffiti aspect of the rails.

Q) What sets We Ride By Train apart from other DVDs?
A) We focus on showcasing an unbiased DVD. We show you exactly what
rolls where we bench, and where we live. If youve put in a good amount
of work, or if you have quality stuff, and you have rolled past my
lens you are in our DVD.I dont care if youre my best friend or worse
enemy! This film is bigger than that. We also spent a serious amount
of time filming and editing. Our personal lives went on the back
burner for these projects, to bring you nothing less than quality.

Q) What areas did you film?
A) I filmed Volume 1 almost 100% exclusively around Northern NV, it
was a tribute to the area, and what that area had to offer at the
time. Volume 2 we moved on to different places like the Bay Area, and
Northern California.

Q) Who can we expect to see in your films?
A) Writers on rolling stock from across the U.S., and Canada. Live
footage from writers such as Joins, Grief, Raer, Jeas, Kose, Searius,
Resa, Test Me, Vomit, WKT, Zee Crew, MFG, and many more.

BNSF Color Logo

Q) What should your audience Know about you?
A) We are friendly folks, trying to promote what freight writers do in
a different light. The editor was on massive shrooms, no joke! Also if
you are hopping off a box car we are likely to let you hitch a ride,
buy you a box of smokes, and a bottle of whiskey in exchange for some
good stories.

Q) Whens #3 dropping?
A) I have a brilliant concept in my head, which would entail
documenting travels. This wont happen anytime soon. If and when it
does it will be a completely different style then the last two. For
now we are currently working on the production side of things. Be on
the look out for Revolutionary Freight Productions, and the WRBT logo.

Q) Closing comments?
A) Yes. Thanks to all our friends who have built us from the ground
up! Day In The Lyfe, Spreading The Disease, Zombie Owl, Smart Minds,
and all the writers who have participated. Thanks to all of you
supporting our missions by buying our DVDs. Thanks to all who have
showed us love and respect. I hope we have returned the favor. Keep it
positive, and safe kids.